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Don typically put bridges directly over dams for a number of reasons, particularly in this post 9/11 world, Hopson said. Logical thing is to proceed with the plan as it was originally discussed with (the Tennessee Department of Transportation). From a bigger perspective, it a liability and a cost issue.

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iPhone x case On Australia Day, Wednesday 26 January 1966, the children took a five minute three kilometre bus journey from their home to the beach; a trip to the beach similar to one they had taken the day before.[6] Jane, the eldest child, was considered responsible enough to care for the two younger siblings, and given the social conditions of the time, their parents were not concerned about the trip. They caught the bus at 8:45 am and were expected to return home on the 12:00 pm bus or on the 2:00 one.[7]:37[8] Nancy Beaumont became worried, and when Jim Beaumont returned home at 3:00 pm, he immediately drove to the beach.[4] Unable to locate them, he returned and together they searched the streets and friend's houses, and around 5:00 pm they called into the Glenelg Police Station to notify them of the disappearance.[4]Police quickly organised a search of the beach and adjacent areas wholesale iphone cases, based on the assumption they were nearby and had simply lost track of time. The search then expanded to the sand hills, ocean wholesale iphone cases, and nearby buildings, with the airport, rail lines, and interstate roads being monitored too, based on a fear of accident or kidnap. iPhone x case

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