Trail Maintenance Info

If you would like to volunteer for trail maintenance with Upstate SORBA, all that you need to do is sign up on facebook or meetup, then bring your gloves, hydration and your desire to dig.  Anyone can do the work, men, woman, teenagers, baby sitters, dentists, rocket scientists, kids 12 and over.  As the Indians used to say when building trails across the Piedmont, "manyhands make trail work easy as pie".  So bring your friends and join the fun!

We will provide all of the proper tools needed to make easy work of it, and trail work leaders will give direction on what and how to get started.

If you would like to learn more about the theory of trail building and trail maintenance, spend some time with the attached booklet published by the USDA and US Forest Service.  Learn how to identify trouble spots, understand the causes and fix them smartly for trouble free trails!
Dig it!  Ride it!  Respect it!  Upstate SORBA

Professional Trail Builders Association:  TrailBuilders.Org

Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook 2007 Edition - Order Form

USDA Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook 2007 Edition - PDF

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